Vocabulary Activity: How It Works

In this vocabulary activity, you need to complete some short paragraphs which describe how different devices work.

These texts are similar to those you might see in Part 2 of the IELTS Listening Test, where someone might describe something, or in Task 1 of the IELTS Writing Test, where you might have to describe a process.

Simply drag the words into the correct spaces.

Tip: think carefully about the word form (e.g. “forms” v “formed”). Most of the verbs are in the present simple tense, but some of them are passive forms.

Activity 1: A Thermostat

Activity 2: A Disc Player

Activity 3: An Aerosol

Activity 4: An Aeroplane

Activity 5: A Digital Camera

I hope you learned some new words. If you found these activities useful, please share!

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