IELTS Writing Correction

Sorry. The IELTS Writing Correction Service is not available right now as I am creating a new IELTS Writing Course

However, I highly recommend this IELTS Writing feedback service, IELTS Studio.

What do you get?

I provide you with an extensive package of correction, feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Correction of grammar errors, with explanations and suggestions for improvements
Correction of vocabulary errors, with explanations and suggestions for improvements
Correction of spelling errors
Correction of punctuation errors
Comments on the structure of your essay, with suggestions for improvements
Comments on your ideas and suggestions for improvements
A band score for all 4 assessment criteria, plus a overall writing band score for your essay
A model essay showing you how an expert would answer the question

What do students say?

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Charlie's  IELTS writing service was very helpful to me for improving my IELTS writing. His detailed reports were extremely useful in identifying any weaknesses one may have in the writing tasks. In his report, Charlie breaks down every single sentence and offers pertinent advice that can significantly elevate the quality of your writing. In addition, the sample essay that comes with each evaluation reinforces his advice and gives the student an idea of what a high band score essay would look like. Thanks to Charlie, I was able to get a score of 7.5 in my writing section, bringing my total band score to 8.5. I highly recommend his writing service to anyone that is appearing for the IELTS exam. Thank you Charlie!
Ketan India

It's a wonderful service! I was making lots of mistakes in my writing. Charlie showed me what I was doing wrong and he also showed me how to make my writing a lot better. He gives a band score just like an IELTS examiner. I think I would have failed without his help. Thankyou!

Ploy Bangkok

I tried other tutors and Charlie was by far the best. Very helpful and kind. I am amazed how much information he gave me in the feedback. He helped me improve very, very quickly. I am now able to study to become a pilot. Thank you so much my teacher. 

Jamil Sharjah

How does it work?

1. Choose one of the packages below
Decide how many essays you would like me to correct and click the 'purchase' button
2. Upload your essays and make a payment
Send me your essays using the upload button on the purchase page
3. Get your feedback
I will send you detailed feedback on your essays within 48 hours

Band score

Full correction

Suggestions for improvement

Model essay


Band score

Full correction

Suggestions for improvement

Model essay

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I need some IELTS essay questions. Where can I get them?

Go to this page.

Do I need to type my essays?


I highlight words and phrases in your essay using Google Docs - this gives you the best feedback possible - so I need a typed essay. A photograph of a handwritten essay means I cannot give you the best service possible, so please type your essay.

Can I submit one essay at a time?

Yes. If you choose the 3 or 5 essay package, you can send me just one essay when you pay. You can email me the other essays later. I recommend doing this. This means you can use the feedback from one essay to help you improve your next essay.

Do you correct both academic and general training essays?


Does "one essay" include a Task 1 and a Task 2?

No, each one counts as one essay.

Where can I find more information about the IELTS Writing test?

You should read my guide to IELTS Writing, and then follow the links to the other pages for more information and tips.

If you have any more questions, please email me at