IELTS Writing Correction Service

Sorry. The IELTS Writing Correction Service is not available right now as I am creating a new IELTS Writing Course

However, I highly recommend this IELTS Writing feedback service, IELTS Studio.

I need some IELTS essay questions. Where can I get them?

Go to this page.

Do I need to type my essays?


I highlight words and phrases in your essay using Google Docs – this gives you the best feedback possible – so I need a typed essay. A photograph of a handwritten essay means I cannot give you the best service possible, so please type your essay.

Can I submit one essay at a time?

Yes. If you choose the 3 or 5 essay package, you can send me just one essay when you pay. You can email me the other essays later. I recommend doing this. This means you can use the feedback from one essay to help you improve your next essay.

Do you correct both academic and general training essays?


Does “one essay” include a Task 1 and a Task 2?

No, each one counts as one essay.

Where can I find more information about the IELTS Writing test?

You should read my guide to IELTS Writing, and then follow the links to the other pages for more information and tips.

If you have any more questions, please email me at