IELTS Vocabulary: Positive and Negative Qualities

It’s important to grow your IELTS Vocabulary. This will help you in all 4 parts of the IELTS Test

When you write essays for the IELTS Writing Test Task 2, you often need to describe things as either positive or negative, especially when giving your opinion. For example, when discussing a view in a discuss both views essay question, you might refer to the reasons behind one view as “compelling reasons”, especially if you agree with them. On the other hand, you might want to point out the negative qualities in the view you disagree with.

In the IELTS Reading Test and the IELTS Listening Test, texts and audio recordings may refer to things in a positive or negative way.

So try out these 2 activities, which will help you to learn 14 words to describe positive qualities and negative qualities. If you don’t get 100% first time, that’s ok, just try again! Good luck!

IELTS Vocabulary: Positive Qualities

IELTS Vocabulary: Negative Qualities

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