IELTS Spelling Practice

It’s very easy to make spelling mistakes!

When you write, you have to think about explaining your ideas clearly, as well as how to link your ideas, using correct grammar, choosing appropriate vocabulary and many more things. It’s difficult for the brain to also think about spelling!

However, if you want a high band score for IELTS Writing, you can only make occasional errors in vocabulary, and this includes spelling. In addition, words with spelling errors in the IELTS Listening and IELTS Reading tests will be marked as incorrect.

One way of approaching spelling is to see each word as a picture. If you know the correct spelling of a word, an incorrect spelling will simply look wrong.

Activity 1

In this first activity, each line has between one and three spelling mistakes. Look at the words carefully. Which words look wrong? Click or tap on the words with the wrong spelling.

Activity 2

This activity will help you to develop your ability to recognise correct spellings. In this activity, click or tap on the CORRECTLY spelled words. There is one correct spelling on each line. Good luck!

Activity 3

This activity is the same as Activity 2, BUT it is more difficult. In this activity, some lines have only 1 or 2 correct spellings. In other lines, ALL the words are spelled correctly. So tap or click on all the correctly spelled words.

Extra Practice: what are the correct spellings of the incorrectly spelled words? Use a dictionary to check the words you are not sure about.

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