IELTS Speaking: how to get a Band 7

IELTS Speaking: how to get a Band 7

How is the IELTS Speaking Test assessed? What are the IELTS Speaking assessment criteria? How can I get a Band 7 in IELTS Speaking? In this video I will answer these questions.

IELTS Examiners use assessment criteria for IELTS Speaking to award a band score for each of these four areas:

  • Fluency and Coherence
  • Lexical Resource (i.e. vocabulary)
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy
  • Pronunciation

Your final speaking band score is the average of the four scores.

To get a Band 7 in the IELTS Speaking Test, there are some specific things you must do. Watch this video to find out what to do! Also download the IELTS Speaking assessment criteria.

This video tells you how to get a Band 7 in the Speaking Test. If you need to get a higher score, read my article about How to get a Band 8 in the IELTS Speaking Test. There are more IELTS Speaking Tips here and don’t forget to read my Essential Guide to IELTS Speaking Part 2.

You can also learn 38 useful expressions for the IELTS Speaking test.


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