IELTS Remark: Should I Request An EOR?

One of the worst things about IELTS is the disappointment and frustration you feel when you don’t get the scores you need. Maybe you’ve missed your required overall band score by just 0.5 or, despite a good overall band score, you didn’t get the score you needed in one part of the test (probably writing!) This is a very common experience for many of you, but fortunately, IELTS offers you a second chance: the IELTS remark. This is a process offered by both The British Council and IDP, and allows you to ask for your IELTS test to be marked again.

The re-marking process is a way of ensuring that the test is fair. It’s true that sometimes, examiners disagree over the correct band score, so it’s a way of ensuring that test takers can be confident about the assessment system.

“Should I apply for a re-mark of my IELTS Test?” is one of the most common questions I get asked by IELTS test takers. The answer, though can be a bit complicated, so I’ve written some questions you should ask yourself before deciding.

Should I ask for an IELTS remark?

Key Facts about the IELTS Remark

  • IELTS calls the re-mark process an “Enquiry on Results” (EOR).
  • A re-mark is when your IELTS scores are checked by another examiner in the UK or Australia (i.e. not in your local IELTS test centre).
  • Your new examiner will not be told your original IELTS scores.
  • You can request a re-mark of the whole test, or any part of it (Listening, Reading, Writing or Speaking). The re-mark fee is the same. The more parts you wish to have re-marked, the longer the re-marking process will take.
  • IELTS Speaking Remark: the examiner will re-mark your speaking test by listening to the recording of your speaking test (this is why your speaking test is recorded!).
  • IELTS Writing Remark: the examiner will check both your Task 1 report and your Task 2 essay.
  • You must apply for an Enquiry on Results (EOR) within 6 weeks of the date of your listening, reading and writing test.
  • The re-marking process can take up to 6 weeks, although it can take just a few days 
  • During the re-marking process, you cannot use your IELTS scores for university or immigration applications.
  • The fee for a re-mark varies between IELTS test centres, but it in most countries the IELTS remark fee is between US$90 and US$130
  • Your fee will be refunded if your scores change

So should you request a re-mark of your IELTS score? Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself:

1. Do you want your listening or reading scores re-marked?

Listening and reading are assessed against a list of answers, and these answers are either right or wrong. The only way a re-mark will change these scores is if there has been a basic marking or clerical error. This is very unlikely, so a listening or reading re-mark would have no effect.

2. Did you miss your required band score in writing or speaking?

Writing and Speaking are much harder to assess than Listening and Reading. Examiners have to do some interpretation to match your writing or speaking to the IELTS assessment criteria, and it is a fact that examiners may disagree over the band score you should get in these 2 parts of the test. However. examiners rarely disagree by more than 0.5 in your writing or speaking score.

This means that if you missed your required band score in either writing or speaking by just 0.5 (e.g. you got 6.5 in writing but you need a 7.0) then a re-mark might be a good idea

But read questions 5 to 10 as well!

If you need an increase in a whole band (e.g. you got 6.0 in writing but you need a 7.0), then a re-mark is less likely to be beneficial. Increases of more than 0.5 are rare, but they are not unknown. Examiners do make mistakes…sometimes!

3. Do you need an increase of 1.0 (or more) in your overall band score?

For example, you got a band score of 6.5 overall, but you need 7.5.

In this situation, an IELTS remark is very unlikely to be beneficial to you. Re-marks rarely change the overall band score by more than 0.5. 

4. Do you only need an increase of 0.5 in your overall band score?

For example, you got a band score of 7.0 overall, but you need 7.5.

This is a bit more complicated! You need to do some calculations:

To get a Band 7 overall, the scores of your 4 tests must add up to at least 27 points. For example:

  • Listening 7.0
  • Reading 7.0
  • Writing 7.0
  • Speaking 6.0

If you add the 4 scores, you get 27: 7.0 + 7.0 + 7.0 + 6.0 = 27.0

This means the average score is 6.75 (27 ÷ 4 = 6.75). To get your overall score, IELTS rounds the number UP to 7.0.

To get a Band 7.5 overall, the scores of your 4 tests must add up to at least 29 points. For example:

  • Listening 8.0
  • Reading 7.0
  • Writing 7.0
  • Speaking 7.0

If you add the 4 scores, you get 29: 8.0 + 7.0 + 7.0 + 7.0 = 29.0

This means the average score is 7.25 (29 ÷ 4 = 7.25). To get your overall score, IELTS rounds the number UP to 7.5.

Ok so far?!

So, to know if a re-mark will be beneficial, you need to add up your 4 scores. What do they add up to?

Example 1

Let’s say your scores for the 4 tests are like this:

  • Listening 7.5
  • Reading 7.0
  • Writing 6.0
  • Speaking 6.0

Add the 4 scores up: 7.5 + 7 + 6 + 6 = 26.5

Remember, you need 27 points to get a Band 7. This means that you only need an increase of 0.5 to get a Band 7. So in this example, an IELTS remark is more likely to be beneficial, because you only need an increase of 0.5 in either writing or speaking (remember, listening and reading will almost certainly not change).

Example 2

Let’s say your scores for the 4 tests are like this:

  • Listening 7.5
  • Reading 6.0
  • Writing 6.0
  • Speaking 6.0

Add the 4 scores up: 7.5 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 25.5

Remember, you need 27 points to get a Band 7. This means that you need an increase of 1.5 to get a Band 7. So in this example, an IELTS remark is very unlikely to be beneficial, because you need an increase of 1.0 in one part of the test (e.g. writing), and an increase of 0.5 in another part of the test (e.g. speaking).

Here’s a table with the minimum number of points you need to get each band score overall:

To get 9.0 overall, you need at least 35 points
To get 8.5 overall, you need at least 33 points
To get 8.0 overall, you need at least 31 points
To get 7.5 overall, you need at least 29 points
To get 7.0 overall, you need at least 27 points
To get 6.5 overall, you need at least 25 points
To get 6.0 overall, you need at least 23 points
To get 5.5 overall, you need at least 21 points

So add up your 4 scores and see how much your total needs to increase. The smaller the increase needed, the greater the chance that a re-mark will be beneficial.

Other Questions To Ask Yourself about the IELTS Remark.

5. When do you need your scores?

If you need to submit your IELTS score to a university or immigration department soon after your test, re-marking can cause problems.

Firstly, getting your test re-marked can take time, especially if you want to get more than one part of the test checked. It can take up to 6 weeks to get your test re-marked. This means that you might not get your re-marked scores until after your submission deadline. (But ask your local IELTS test centre about how long it might take to do a re-mark – IDP and the British Council can often do it in a few days to a few weeks).

Secondly, during the re-marking process, your original scores are ‘locked’ and you cannot use them in an application to a university or immigration department. So you won’t be able to submit your original scores, and you won’t have your Test Report Form, as you must return this to your test centre.

When do you need your ielts remark?

6. Can you afford to pay for an IELTS remark?

The IELTS remark is not cheap. The re-marking fee varies between test centres, but it is often around $90 to $130. In some countries it is even more expensive, so check with your local test centre. You will lose the fee if the re-mark doesn’t change your score, so if you are not confident that a re-mark will be beneficial to you, you’d be better off putting the money towards a re-sit rather than an IELTS remark.

can you afford ielts remark

7. Do you usually get higher band scores for writing and/or speaking when practising?

Has a teacher assessed your writing and speaking skills? Do they consistently give you higher scores than the ones you achieved in the actual IELTS Test? If so, then it may be worth applying for a re-mark.

However, this depends on the quality of your teacher’s assessment. Interpreting the IELTS assessment criteria for writing and speaking is not easy, and so it is possible that your teacher is giving you scores that are too high. So you also have to ask yourself whether you trust your teacher’s assessment skills.

8. Have you done the IELTS Test before? Did you get higher scores for writing and speaking?

If you got higher scores for speaking in a previous test, then it is possible that your scores in your most recent test were marked too low. IELTS examiners use a variety of questions to determine your IELTS speaking band score, and they assess against criteria which focus more on speaking skills rather than the content of your speech, so assessments shouldn’t normally vary too much from test to test. So if your speaking band score is a lot lower than a previous speaking test (e.g. 1.0 or more), then a remark of your speaking test might be a good idea…

…but only if your previous test was quite recent. If it has been a year or more since your previous IELTS speaking test, and you haven’t been using English much in the intervening period, then it is likely that your English language skills will have weakened a little. This is normal. This may explain your lower score. In this instance, I would not recommend a re-mark.

Writing, however, is different. Test takers often get different scores for writing in different tests. This may be because they misunderstood the writing task, or wrote a Task 2 that was ‘off-topic’, or that one (or both) tasks were too short, or the essay question was simply ‘too difficult’. So I wouldn’t recommend a re-mark unless your band score is significantly lower (1 band or more) than a previous test.

Again, if your previous test was a year was some time ago, and you haven’t done much essay writing in English since, then your lower score may simply because your writing skills have weakened.

9. Is one of your scores significantly lower than the other three scores?

For example: 

  • Listening 8.0
  • Reading 8.0
  • Writing 6.5
  • Speaking 8.5

In this score profile, there is a significant difference between the Writing score and the other three scores. This kind of score is known as a “jagged profile” and the IELTS Administrator at your local test centre will ask a second examiner to re-assess the writing test. This is quite a common occurrence.

However, if the second examiner’s assessment is only 0.5 bands different to the first examiner’s assessment, the first assessment will not change. A change in your score only occurs in response to a formal EOR (Enquiry On Results).

This means that if you apply for an IELTS remark, there is still a chance that your weak score might change, but probably only by 0.5.

How large does the difference need to be to get a remark in your local test centre? IELTS Examiners do not know the exact rules as it is a decision made by the IELTS Administrator in your local test centre. However, it’s likely to be a difference of 2 bands between writing and speaking, or between one of these and another skill.

10. Do you feel “confident” about your results?

I’ve heard many students apply for an IELTS remark simply because they are “confident” they did better in writing and / or speaking than their IELTS scores suggest.

If this is you, ask a second question: what is your confidence based on?

Do you know, from doing practice tests and by getting feedback from experienced teachers, that you can get the scores you want?

Are you sure you answered the writing tasks correctly? (I know many students who think they answered the question correctly, who simply didn’t).

Is your confidence based on a knowledge of the IELTS assessment criteria? Do you fully understand how IELTS is assessed? Do you know what examiners are looking for when they assess your writing and speaking? Getting a high band score in writing, for example, is NOT about using fancy vocabulary and long sentences; it’s about presenting and supporting your ideas in a clear, logical way.

If your confidence is simply “bravado” or “wishful thinking”, I would not recommend a re-mark. If your confidence is based on knowledge about your abilities, about your performance in the test, and about the IELTS test, I would be more likely to recommend a re-mark.

IELTS Remark: A Summary

A re-mark might be beneficial if you are sure you answered the writing tasks correctly AND you consistently get higher scores for writing and speaking in practice AND…

…you only need an increase of 0.5 in either writing or speaking


…you need an increase of 0.5 in your overall band score AND the total points of your 4 tests added together is only 1 point below what you need (e.g. if your total points are 26, and you need Band 7).

A re-mark will not be beneficial if you need higher scores for listening or reading, and it is unlikely to be beneficial if you need an increase of 1.0 or more in either writing or speaking. In these cases, you’d be better off re-sitting the exam rather than getting a re-mark. (You might even get your required scores more quickly this way!)

Actual Examples

Here are some messages I have received from students, with my advice:


I got 7.0 in listening, but I need 7.5. Should I go for re-mark?

My advice: No. Your band score for listening will not change.


My scores are:

  • Listening 7.5
  • Reading 7.5
  • Writing 6.5
  • Speaking 7.0
  • Overall 7.0

I need 7.5 overall, and minimum 7.0 in each part. Should I apply for a re-mark?

Should you go for an IELTS Remark? My Advice:

You only need an increase of 0.5 in writing to get a minimum of 7.0 in each part. This increase will also push your overall band score to 7.5 (your total points will be 29, which is an average of 7.25, which is rounded up to 7.5). I would recommend a re-mark if you are sure you answered the writing tasks correctly.

Nguyen Thy

I got my IELTS results but I am disappointed with writing.  I need 7.0.

  • Listening 7.0
  • Reading 8.0
  • Writing 6.0
  • Speaking 7.0
  • Overall 7.0

Should you go for an IELTS Remark? My Advice:

It is very unlikely that your writing score will increase by a whole band score (from 6.0 to 7.0). Also, it’s possible that your test would have been re-marked in your local test centre anyway, because there is a difference of 2.0 between your lowest score (writing) and your highest score (reading). Don’t ask for a re-mark.


Here are my results. But I need 7.5 overall. Is a re-mark worth doing?

  • Listening 7.5
  • Reading 7.0
  • Writing 6.5
  • Speaking 6.5
  • Overall 7.0

Should you go for an IELTS Remark? My Advice:

You only just got a Band 7. Your average mark is actually 6.875 (27.5 ÷ 4 = 6.875), which is rounded up to 7.0. To get a Band 7.5 overall, you need your total points to increase from 27.5 to 29. This is very unlikely to happen. Don’t ask for a re-mark.


I didn’t get the results I need! I got my overall overall score, but I need 7.0 in writing and speaking. Should I go for remark?

  • Listening 7.5
  • Reading 8.0
  • Writing 6.5
  • Speaking 6.5
  • Overall 7.0

Should you go for an IELTS Remark? My Advice:

It’s unlikely that you’ll get an increase in BOTH writing AND speaking. It’s possible, but only go for an IELTS remark if you’re sure you didn’t make any clear mistakes on the writing test (e.g. writing too few words or writing an off-topic essay).

IELTS Remark: Final Points

I hope these questions have been useful in helping you decide whether to apply for a re-mark.

IELTS assessment of writing and speaking is not an exact science – indeed, examiners see it is more of an art – and examiners do make mistakes. Some test takers do find that their scores change after re-marking, but note that IELTS do not say how many re-marks are successful.

My best advice is to make sure you are fully prepared before you take the IELTS test. 

Your Comments

Have YOU applied for a remark of your IELTS scores in the past? Did your scores change – and if so, how? 

About the author

Charlie is a former IELTS Examiner with 25 years' teaching experience all over the world. His courses, for both English language learners and teachers, have been taken by over 100,000 students in over 160 countries around the world.

101 thoughts on “IELTS Remark: Should I Request An EOR?”

  1. Hy ….i got my results yesterday and my band score was
    Listening – 8
    Reading – 6.5
    Speaking – 6.0
    Writing – 6.0
    Overall score – 6.5. this was my second attempt.

    Previously I wrote and I got
    L- 6.5
    R- 6.5
    S – 6.5
    W – 6.5
    Overall- 6.5

    Should I apply for EOR in my second attempt

    • It depends what overall band score you need. If you need 7.0 overall (with no minimum scores in each of the 4 tests) then you only need an increase of 0.5 in either writing or speaking. (Reading won’t change). So I would go for EOR, especially as you got 6.5 before in both writing and speaking. Good luck!

      • I need overall band score 7.0 .
        Thank you Charlie for your valuable reply🙂. Thanks a lot

  2. Hi! I just got my third IELTS results and again writing nor speaking didn’t change (6,5 & 7.0), despite of my daily training in writing with online courses and writing corrections. So I have 8.0 overall (9.0, 8.5, 6.5, and 7.0), but it’s not enough for my uni as I need 7.0 in writing and 7 or 7.5 in speaking. I just filed the eor form so thumbs up! I’m sure that my first two writings weren’t as good as the newest one so that’s why I asked for remark.

  3. Informative blog, Most people don’t know about the EOR system. But sometimes requesting EOR will improve the scores. One of my friends got better marks after the EOR process. This blog will help many people to know more about the EOR process.

  4. Hi Charlie,

    Hope you are doing great. I would like to thank you for such a great article. I got my IELTS results on 1st Jan 2021. My new year didn’t start well as I missed my speaking score by 0.5. I want to apply for Study Visa in Canada and the requirements are 6.5 overall with no bands less than 6.

    My Scores were: L 7.5 R 6.0 W 6.0 S 5.5

    I went through your article and thought of going for EOR. I applied for EOR on 4th Jan after getting my eTRF. For safer side(to get refund), I went for EOR of Speaking and Writing both. On 15th Jan, I checked my results and got the updated results.

    Current Scores: L 7.5 R 6.0 W 6.0 S 6.0

    I cannot express my happiness in words as this was my 2nd attempt. I am posting this so if someone out there is in same situation as mine can go for it. But yes, if you have belief in you. It’s not a small amount so do take your decision wisely.

  5. Hi had my IELTS general test on 21st Nov, I am quite shocked seeing my score

    1. Listening – 8.5
    2. Reading 4.5
    3. Speaking – 7
    4. Writing – 6.5

    I have taken IELTS academic a while ago and my score was as below :

    1. Listening. 6
    2. Reading – 7
    3. Writing 7
    4. Speaking 8.5

    I am pretty sure that I have done very well on all the session on 21st. I do not know what happened with my reading score. People say IELTS general reading is quite easy compared to IELTS academic one. My passages were quite easy and I completed everything on time. My only concern is if I have wrongly transferred the answer keys to answer sheet which is very unlikely.

    I feel this score is not mine, would there be a chance that the candidate id is mismatched ? I honestly cannot believe this score and I am thinking of re-evaluation.

  6. Hi, I was literally torn when I received my score,

    L: 9
    R: 8.5
    W: 6.5
    S: 8.5

    Do you think a remark would worth a shot??

    • I’d go for it. Writing may have been re-marked automatically, but my understanding is that it will only be changed if the re-mark is a whole band higher than the original score.

  7. Hello Mr.charlie,I had attempted 2times Academic first time S ans W are 6.2nd timeallgot 5.5 only.Is there any chance in EOR for 0.5 increment in both L and S to get band 6.

    • You’re very unlikely to see a change in L. To see an increase in BOTH S and W is unlikely, but I’ve heard of it happening.

  8. I took my ielts idp and my scores were 8.5,7.5,6.5,8.0 (LRWS) I need a minimum of 0.5 to secure an 8.0 over all….I am certain my writing is better than 6.5 please should I go for a remark? My current score is 7.5 and it’s heartbreaking. What are my chances of getting an increase?

    • Why do you think your writing is better than 6.5? If you normally get 7.0 for writing in practice essays, and if you really need an 8.0 overall (7.5 is a great score!) and you can afford the re-mark fee, then it’s worth going for it.

  9. Dear, My scores for GT CBT are as follows.
    S:- 6.5 and
    I need 6.5 in Writing. Should I go for EOR? Please help me with your valuable suggestion.

  10. Hello sir,
    I did my Ielts general computer based exam and got the following scores:
    Listening: 8.5
    Reading: 9
    Speaking: 7.5
    Writing: 6.5

    I need 7 in writing, should I apply for remark? I think I did very well in writing and followed many tips in paragraph structure and so I am surprised that I got this low

    • I guess it depends which tips you followed! Remember, writing is assessed in many areas, and rigid, formulaic paragraph structures might actually restrict your band score.

      If you can afford the re-mark fee, it might be worth it though.

  11. Hello
    I received my IELTS GT results yesterday. I scored : L – 8.5, R – 7.5, S – 8 and W – 6.5.
    I was actually expecting an 8 in each of the different bands. Thus having a 6.5 in the writing section is not at all acceptable. Even at the worst case scenario I am confident I would have scored a 7. Do you go for EOR?

  12. Hi previous test scores were

    and my latest scores are
    I need 7 in writing. Should I for remark? Please suggest

  13. My Ielts score is L-9, R-7, W-6.5, S-7. Should I go for rechecking of my Writing task? As I need 7 in writing.

  14. Hi, I gave my ielts on 27 August 2020. My scores are L 9.0, R 8.5, W 7.0, S 7.0. Although I am good for canada immigration, still, if I can score 0.5 mark more each in W and S, I can score 3+3 points more in canada immigration point system. But for australia immigration, I need at least 8.0 in all. I have applied for EOR on 30 Sept 2020. Awaiting results. What are your views on this…..

  15. My previous test scores (taken in July) are:
    L: 7
    R: 7
    W: 7
    S: 7

    My latest test scores (taken in September) are:
    L: 9
    R: 8.5
    W: 6
    S: 7

    Should I go for a remark? I’m so frustrated to see the writing score.

    • I think it’s unlikely you will get an increase of 1.0 in writing, but it can happen. Well done on the increase in L and R – very impressive!

      • Dear,

        I just received my IELTS results I got
        L: 6.5
        W: 6.5
        S: 5.5
        Baring in mind that I have done my IELTS twice before and in both tests: I had 7.5 and 6.5 in speaking , however , the third time I was marked as a 5.5 which I beleive is not fair for me as I am confident I did well.
        Do you think I should ask for a remark in speaking?

        • Hi Halla. Sorry for the late reply. I’d definitely go for a remark if you’ve got those scores in the past. Speaking shouldn’t change much, unless it’s a long time since your previous speaking tests and you haven’t spoken much English in the intervening period.

  16. Hi my overall score in ielts academic is 6.5 with L-8.5, R- 6, W-5.5, S-5.5 , but i need .5 increase in writing, and i am confident that I’ll get that band, should i apply for remark for both writing and speaking?

  17. Hi,
    My score is L9, R8, W7.5 and S6.5. I need 7 in speaking. Should I go for remark?

  18. hello, my IELTS scores are listening 9, reading 9, writing 7.5 and speaking 7. I feel that I ought to get more for the speaking. In a previous IELTS I had scored 7.5 for speaking and I continuously use English. Should I go for a remark?

  19. My score is L:8.5, R:8, W:7, S:6.5. Kindly suggest if I can go for re-evaluation.

  20. hello,

    i took the ielts exam for the second time and got the results below:
    Listening = 8
    Reading = 8.5
    Writing = 6
    Speaking = 8

    I want to recheck my exam to get a 7.0 in writing, and I felt that I did really good in my writing exam.

    In my first exam, I got the following results:
    Listening = 8
    Reading = 7.5
    Writing = 6.5
    Speaking = 8.5

    the funny this is that in the first exam I could not finish task 1 due to the time constrains and i got a 6.5; however, in the second time, i finished both tasks and got a 6.0.

    so do you think that i should go for a recheck, or should i just retake the test?

  21. Hi charlie
    I took ielts exam last sept 12,2020
    R 8.5
    W 8.5
    W 6.0
    S 6.5
    I need 7 for speaking. I got 7 last 2yrs ago when i took ielts
    I will be asking for a recheck. Is it advisable if i ask for speaking and writting eventhough i am ok with 6 in wrting? Thankyou

  22. Hi there!!

    So i did my IELTS academic and received the following scores:
    L: 8.5
    R: 8.0
    W: 6.5

    I need to get above 7 for each sections, do you think the examiner would increase my writing to a 7?

  23. My name is Gladish. I got mybielts results and the scores are Reading 7.0, speaking 7.9, Listening 8.0 and writing 6.0. Overall 7.0. I need only 0.5 increase in writing. Should I go for re-mark.?

  24. Sir I got Reading 6 listening 6 speaking 6.5 and writing 5.5 , should I go for EOR? Please suggest me sir, I have tired from this score .

  25. Hello !
    my scores are S:9, R:9, L:9 W:6.5
    I need 7 in writing.
    Do you suggest re-mark?

  26. Hi Charlie, I just got my IELTS General results for immigration purposes, as follows:
    Listening: 8.0
    Reading: 7.0
    Writing: 6.5
    Speaking: 8.0

    Four and half years ago, I took the IELTS Academic test and my scores were:
    Listening: 7.5
    Reading: 8.0
    Writing: 7.5
    Speaking: 7.5

    My Listening and Speaking results improved and it make sense to me, since now I’m using English in a daily basis at work. I’m a little surprised with my Reading and Writing results dropping a full band each. I felt comfortable during my Writing test and did practice and review the qualification criteria priorly, so I wonder if I should apply for a remark for that? I wish it would be at least a 7.0.
    As for my Reading, I guess I did prepare myself better the first time (focusing on more academic papers) and lately what I’ve been reading is not very technical.. During this test, I did felt a little confused with the True/False/Not Given type of questions, so I would actually be a little scared to ask for a review of this section and get an even lower result (I don’t know if that’s possible!). In the end, is the same overall (7.5) but it just feels like as separate scores they are lower..
    What would you recommend me to do?
    Thanks in advance!

  27. I wrote the IELTS exams with IDP and my scores were L9.0, R8.5, W8.0, S7.5. I need a minimum of 8 in all sections to max out the English competence scores for immigration.

    Kindly advise if i should ask for a remark.


  28. I got L8.5, R7.5, S7.5, yet a W6.5. I need the 7 in writing. To be honest, I kind of expected that I would get a 6.5, but I truly don’t have the time/morale to take the IELTS again. Would you recommend a re-marking?

  29. Hi ieltscharlie,

    I just got my IELTS result

    I scored 9 in Listening
    8 in reading
    7 in speaking
    6.5 in Writing

    Overall – 7.5

    Not sure, If I should go with revaluation or not. I thinking of doing revaluation for Writing and Speaking.
    Please assist

  30. I appeared for IELTS General Training, for immigration purposes.
    I got Reading: 6
    Listening: 8.5
    Writing: 7.5
    Speaking: 8.5
    overall: 7.5

    I was not convinced with the reading result I applied for EOR the result did not change but I am sure that I did my reading section pretty well.I also feel there is lack of transparency as we are not shown the answer-sheets even after paying such hefty amount of money.
    I am really unhappy and do not know what to do next.

  31. Hello!

    I got below results from BC, can you advice if I can re-mark on my writing? I need 6 minimum. I can see its jagged but I’ve pretty confident that I’ve done my writing well

    L 8.5 R 6.5 W 5.5 S 7

  32. I got L:9, R:9, S:7.5, W:7.5. Is there a chance of decrease in W band if I go for re-marking in W section?

  33. Hi there, thanks for the nice writings up there. I have a question here. My IELTS result was L7. 5/R7.5/w6.5/S6.5. I need 7 for all components. That was my 2nd attempt. Do you think I should request for EOR? I believe I did better in my speaking test but the result is similar with my 1st attempts (which I didnt study at all at that time). While for writing, im not very sure of my own result as I know I am quite weak at grammar. Do you have any opinions?

  34. Hi Charlie
    I got 8.5 for all the subtest but got 7.5 for my writing. I need an 8.0. Is this worth requesting for a rescore?
    I also took the test three years ago and score an 8.0

  35. Hello Charlie,

    I got my IELTS GE test result today and it is R – 7, W – 6, L – 7.5, S – 7. I need to have 7 for Writing and do you recommend for me to go for remark? I did IELTS Academic 2 years ago and I got 7 for writing back then. I live in NZ and I always do writing and speaking in English and I am usually really good at writing. Please advice?

  36. Thank you for the reply. If i manage to have 0.5 up, in both the writing and speaking, it would increase my CLB grading in the immigration application, thus increase in my CRS score for Canada.

  37. Hello!
    I did my IELTS General Training, for immigration purposes.
    I got Reading: 8.5
    Listening: 8.5
    Writing: 6
    Speaking: 6.5
    overall: 7.5

    I felt very confident while doing my 4 tests, and i was relaxed in the speaking and writing sections.
    Should i apply for a remark for both writing and speaking?

    • It depends what individual scores you need. Do you need a 7.0 in writing? If so, a re-mark is unlikely to see an increase from 6.0 to 7.0.

  38. Hi ieltscharlie,
    would you please advice me whether I should opt EOR process or not?
    Recently, i got my IELTS General module result from IDP, my score is :-
    L- 8.5
    R- 8
    S- 7
    W- 6.5

    The desired change of 0.5 would probably make my way clear from desired CRS score.
    Worthy inputs will be highly appreciated.

    thanks in advance.

    Abhinav Sharma

    • sorry for mistake,
      actual score is

  39. Hello,
    I gave my IELTS and received the following score
    L : 9.0
    R : 8.5
    W : 7.0
    S : 8.5
    I need a minimum of 7.5 in each module. Do you think it is worth getting a re-mark for writing?

  40. Hello,
    I recently gave a computer based IELTS exam My results were:
    L : 9.0
    R : 8.5
    W : 7.0
    S : 8.5

    I need a minimum of 7.5 in each module, which means a 0.5 increase in writing. Do you think a remark would be a good idea?

  41. Hi my score is


    TOTAL 7

    I need speaking score of 7, should I do a re-mark? Thank you.

  42. Hi Charlie,
    I just got my scores and shocked. L 8.5 R 8.5 W 6.0 S 7.0 Overall 7.5
    I needed min 6.5 fr all but my expectation was a min of 7.5. What are the chances of 0.5 or full band change if i go for a remark?
    I study for my phd degree in the UK and academic essay writing, proofreading is in my daily routine. Considering the fact that task 1 has 1/3 weight on the final mark, i d got at least 6.5 because my first task was extremely easy and i should get a band score of 7 or more on that.

  43. hello ieltscharlie,
    I got 6 band overall.
    writing: 6
    Actually, I am currently an English preparatory class student at a university; therefore, I took IELTS so as to finish the course early. Besides, I need just 6.5 band and 5.5 for each section. Thus, I am thinking about remark and I also belive that my writing score should be 6.5.
    I have 6.125 and I need 6.250. My next ielts exam postponed due to novel koronavirus. should I go for remarking? also my speaking examiner have a bad reputation about giving 5.5 to all takers. I know two people taking exam with the examiner whose score incresed 1 point after remarking.

    • I think given the situation with coronavirus, go for a re-mark, because you don’t know when tests will resume. I’m in Vietnam at the moment, and all tests here have been cancelled, and we don’t know when they will start again. Also, you only need an increase of 0.5 in one part of the test to get 6.5 overall, so it’s a good idea to go for a re-mark. Best of luck!

  44. Hi,

    I received my GT IELTS results couple of days ago. Listening 8.5 Reading 8.5 Writing 7 Speaking 6.5
    I took private IELTS lessons from an old speaking examiner and I was always told my speaking was 7 to 7.5
    Should I go for speaking remarking?

    • Given that your teacher was an ex-examiner, it might be worth going for a re-mark. Of course, it’s possible that the stress of the test made you underperform, but if you think your speaking test performance was normal, then consider a re-mark. Good luck if you decide to go ahead with the re-mark.

      • Thank you for your response. Is speaking remarking done locally or in Australia? Because I took the exam through IDP.

        • Re-marking is done by a senior examiner. I’m not 100% sure where it’s done, but it’s probably in Australia, although it might be done in the regional headquarters. It’s all done by administrators – it’s not something examiners or teachers know anything about!

  45. Hello, Pls could you help me out here. I just received my scores

    L 8
    R 7.5
    W 7
    S 7.5

    Overall band score 7.5

    I was hoping for a 7.5 in writing to boost my immigration CRS scores. I plan applying for a remark. I calculated the scores, and if i get a 7.5 in writing my overall band score is 7.625 – This is still approximated to 7.5 right? or am i wrong ?

    My concern is the extra points for CRS. So even if my overall band dosent change, but my score changes would that then be a successful remark? i mean would ielts refund the remark fee based on a change in writing component score but no change in overall band score ?

    • Hi Vivian. Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes, 7.625 will be rounded down to 7.5. Yes, if writing band score is changed, you will get a refund.

    • Hi.
      L 7.5
      S 6.5
      R 6.5
      W 6.5

      Overall 7

      But I need 0.5 increase in either speaking/writing. So that my I can cross the 67 cut off mark for Canadian PR application.

      I know the 0.5 does not improve my band with respect to IELTS. But the individual increase in section can push my CLB points, which will be useful for my PR

      Please advise if I can opt remark

  46. Hello!
    I took up my ielts for the 2nd time last Feb 27 (comp based)
    And here are my results
    L – 7.5
    R – 6.5
    W – 6
    S – 6
    Overall – 6.5
    I need a 7 for speaking. Would you recommend eor?
    By the way I did my 1st ielts last Nov 2019 and my speaking result then was 6.5
    But didn’t ask for eor because I was hoping to get a higher score for my 2nd attempt but sadly I failed. Please advise. Thanks in advance

    • Hi! Sorry for the delay in replying to you. Your score is unlikely to go up from 6.0 to 7.0. It can happen, but means the examiner underscored you in at least 3 areas, e.g. like this:
      FC 6 LR 6 GRA 6 P 7 = 25 points = 6.25 = 6.0
      FC 7 LR 7 GRA 7 P 7 = 28 points = 7.0
      So, yes, a re-mark might help, but it’s unlikely.

  47. Hello,
    I wrote IELTS with MOD on the first of February, the results shows Listening 8.5, Speaking 7.5, Reading 6.5 and Writing 7.0.

    I have an average of 7.5, however I am sure I deserve better score in the reading, it was actually my best module, please advise me, as I am contemplating a remark

    • Reading is extremely unlikely to change. It would have to be a clerical error, which is very unlikely. It’s possible you got a low score in Reading because you transferred your answers incorrectly to the answer sheet. I’ve heard of students who missed an answer, then all the following answers were written against the wrong number.

  48. Hello

    I took up my IELTS (Paper based) on Feb 1st and here are my results. Listening: 8 , Reading: 7.5, Writing: 6.5 , Speaking: 7. I need an increase by 0.5 in both writing and speaking. Would you recommend to go for remark?


    • Hello Cynthia. It’s difficult to say. Getting an increase in two of the four tests is unlikely, but not impossible. If you think you did enough for a Band 7 in writing, go for it, but only if you have a really good understanding of the writing criteria.

  49. I got 6.0 in writing, it increased to 6.5 after remarking. It took me 17 days to get my result.
    (Computer based test)

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences, Prabhu. It’s great to hear that you got an increase.

  50. Hello,
    Here is my score L 8.5, R 7.5, W 6.5, S 7.5. I need 0.5 in writing to make it 7. Also I gave pre check test conducted by BC, IDP to evaluate yourself. I scored 7.5 in writing. Should I go for remark?

    • Hi Nikita. Yes, I would recommend a re-mark in writing, but only if you are sure you answered the writing tasks correctly in the exam.

      • Hi Charlie,

        Today I received my IELTS Academic Test scores. My overall band was 6.5 with band 8 in Listening and Speaking, band 6.5 in Reading and 3.5 in Writing!!! I am more than confident that my writing level is much higher than 3.5, and I strongly believe that I couldn’t have scored two C1 equivalent bands and such a low result in this part.

        Therefore, what do you think are my chances to get a 6.5 re-mark, and please let me know it you’ve heard of such a big difference between scores.

        All the best!

        • That’s a strange set of scores. Writing will have been double checked, because it is so much lower than the other 3 tests, so I don’t think remarking will help.

          But it’s a very unusual score to get, if you can get 6.5 in reading. Are you sure you did Task 1?

          Otherwise it’s possible that your Task 2 (and maybe Task 1) were seen as “completely unrelated” to the task, which would mean Band 1 for TR, but this means you wrote about a different topic / graph.

          Basically, you must have done something seriously wrong in writing if your English is at C1.

      • Sir,I got all 5.5 in academic.My previous attempt got 6 in writing and speakng.Is there any posibility to get band 6 overall in EOR.For band 6 in remarking I should get 0.5 jncrement in W as well as S.

    • Hi charlie,

      I got the following score for CD IELTS, L – 8.5, R – 9, W – 7 and S – 6.5 , I need 8,7,7,7 band . This is my 4th attempt. Should I opt for EOR on Speaking section ?.


      • Hello. Sorry for the delay in replying. What band score did you get for speaking in the other 3 tests? If you got band 7 for speaking before, I would certainly go for a re-mark. If you only got 6.5 or below before, then don’t go for a re-mark – you just need to study / practise a little more.


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