150 Most Common IELTS Spelling Mistakes

If you are aiming for Band 7 or higher in IELTS Writing, you must make sure your spelling is very good.

The band descriptors for IELTS Writing state that if you make more than occasional vocabulary errors (which includes spelling), then you probably won’t get Band 7 for Lexical Resource. So be careful with your spelling!

To help you, I’ve created a PDF of what I think are the 150 most common spelling mistakes that are made in IELTS Writing. You can download the free PDF here. Just click on the button below.

Download the Spelling PDF

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Test Your Spelling!

After studying the list, you can test your spelling!

Each test below has 30 words from the list. How many can you get right? Just click or tap on the correct words. Good luck!

Test 1: Words 1 to 30

Test 2: Words 31 to 60

Test 3: Words 61 to 90

Test 4: Words 91 to 120

Test 5: Words 121 to 150

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