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Preparing for the IELTS Writing Test is NOT just “practice! practice! practice!” You need to know how to give the IELTS Examiner what they are looking for. That’s what I aim to do through this website.


The Internet is packed with tricks, secrets, tips and shortcuts about the IELTS Writing Test. It’s too much! Some of it is confusing. And some of it wrong. I aim to give you key principles and strategies.


Using the wrong practice material means doing the wrong thing. Many test takers write practice essays which respond to badly-written essay questions on obscure topics. You need to use the best materials to get the best results. 

Hi. My name is Charles Cornelius and I’m an experienced IELTS tutor. I’ve got over 20 years’ teaching experience all over the world.

I’ve worked with both The British Council and IDP.

I am passionate about helping students with the IELTS Test because I know that success on the IELTS can help you change your life. So I aim to offer clear and effective advice about the IELTS Test.

I’ve helped thousands of students prepare for the IELTS test and I hope I can do the same for you. I focus mostly on helping students with their writing, but I also offer advice for the other parts of the test too.

Start your journey to Band 7 by reading one of my essential guides below.


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IELTS Writing Task 2
The Essential Study Guide

IELTS Speaking Part 2
The Essential Study Guide

IELTS Writing Part 1
The Essential Study Guide

IELTS Preparation
Learn My 8 Strategies

Get Help With IELTS Writing Task 2

Sample Questions

Practise your Task 2 writing using these authentic test questions. Each question comes with advice on how to answer.

Question Types

Learn about the 5 question types that come up in IELTS Writing Task 2, along with suggested essay structures.

Generate Ideas

Find out how to generate ideas that respond to Task 2 questions in a relevant way.

Improve Vocabulary

Learn how to grow your vocabulary with my 7 steps to success.

Grammar Tips

Find out how to improve the range and accuracy of the grammatical structures in your writing.

Re-mark Advice

Disappointed with your IELTS score? Should you request a re-mark / EOR? Get the answers here.